Air Pollution Control Residues (APCr)


Construct Bids Limited (CBL) and its partners are proud to play a part in helping to protect and improve our environment.

Our client appointed CBL to provide the necessary structural infrastructure to accommodate new treatment plant equipment. Our role entails the design and installation of new supporting structural steel work, access and reinforced concrete walls and foundations storage to support storage silos, treated feeds, mixers, and extraction equipment.


  • Soil investigations and load analysis
  • Structural and foundation design
  • Building alterations
  • Removal of existing storage silos
  • Alterations of existing plant
  • Design, fabrication and installation of supporting steel work and access platforms
  • Design and construction of structural concrete treated product bays

CBL has appointed and collaborates with the following longterm partners to deliver this project over the next three years

  • BMM Specialist steel designers, fabricators and installers
  • KMGP (A RSK Group company) Environmental and Structural Engineers